Routine Dental Care

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a dental office. Each staff member treated me with kindness and respect. They were all so friendly and genuine. Clean office as well. I definitely recommend them!”

Just like routine oil changes keep your car’s engine in great working order, regular dental care is essential to maintaining a healthy smile. Prevention is always better than restoration when it comes to your teeth.

Biannual checkups and exams help the health of your teeth and can also allow for early detection of potential concerns, including:

  • New cracks or decay
  • Necessary restoration of existing crowns or fillings
  • Periodontal disease
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At Dentistry at Maricopa, we recommend two cleanings each year, too. We’ll remove any plaque or tartar that may have accumulated, despite your careful brushing and flossing, then send you on your way with a healthy, polished smile. We’ve also invested in the most cutting edge technology to offer the most effective oral cancer screenings and digital x-rays.

  • OralID is a new, noninvasive oral cancer screening device that resembles a small flashlight. This state-of-the-art technology offers easier and more accurate screenings in as little as five minutes, and it is very affordable.
  • Digital x-rays allow your doctor to quickly and efficiently diagnose problems, using far less radiation than conventional x-rays, and provide instant results to patients.

Regular visits could save you time, money, and a future emergency. Call 520.413.5637 to schedule your routine maintenance at our Maricopa, AZ office today.

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Don’t wait until a dental emergency strikes. Give your mouth the care it needs with a routine checkup and cleaning at Dentistry at Maricopa.