Oral Surgery

“Coming from out of town and starting with a new dentist can be a little overwhelming, but after going to this dentist office I could put my mind at ease. The staff is very pleasant and willing to help. I recommend this office highly and frequently.”

The procedure of extracting or “pulling” teeth is classified as the simplest form of oral surgery. At Dentistry at Maricopa, we would love to see you keep ALL of your teeth, but there are some circumstances in which oral surgery is the best treatment plan. These include:

  • Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Teeth that have been severely damaged and cannot be restored
  • Baby teeth that are “stuck” or preventing permanent teeth from erupting
  • Loose teeth that require extraction to prepare for full or partial dentures
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We know that no one looks forward to having teeth extracted, but if you require oral surgery, our team at Dentistry at Maricopa is one of the most skilled and compassionate in the area. Call 520.413.5637 to make an appointment at our Maricopa, AZ office.