Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

April 7, 2015

Do you have a get-together coming up and you want to keep it tooth friendly?  Do you have children in your home who come in hungry from playing outside?  Here are some ideas to keep your guests and your kiddos healthy while enjoying a snack.

When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, there are a few qualities to look for.  Raw veggies are always a good choice, especially the crunchy ones.  Carrot sticks are a mainstay of the party platters you buy in the store.  You can also buy whole carrots and cut them up, or purchase a bag of the baby carrots, which are usually more party/child friendly.  Celery and cucumbers are other veggies that are great for snacking on.

Another good choice is slicing up some apples.  The crunchiness of these goodies promotes saliva flow, which helps wash away any bacteria or sugar on the teeth and gums.  Also, since they’re mostly water, the sugars contained in the fruit is diluted.

Cheese is another snacking favorite that’s actually good for your teeth.  Dairy products contain lots of calcium that help remineralize your teeth, and cheese also has a protein called casein that acts as a buffer against acids formed when you eat the sugary stuff.

Here’s a more complete list of tooth-friendly foods to consider for your party platter:


  • Fresh Fruit


      • Melons
      • Pears
      • Oranges
      • Berries
      • Pineapple


  • Raw Veggies


      • Carrots
      • Celery
      • Cucumbers
      • Broccoli


  • Nuts & Seeds


      • Pumpkin seeds (unsalted or low-salt)
      • Sunflower seeds (unsalted or low-salt)
      • Nuts (unsalted or low-salt)  


  • Meats & Protein


      • Baked chicken or turkey
      • Peanut butter (unsalted or low-salt)


  • Dairy


    • Cottage cheese (low or non-fat)
    • Yogurt (low or non-fat)

Remember to brush and floss daily and If you splurge on sweets, eat them for dessert instead of munching on them throughout the day.  

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