Dentistry in Maricopa


Welcome to our Maricopa Dental Office
Dr. David J. Gibbons is an Arizona native and also a proud fourth generation Arizona dentist. He has been around dentistry his entire life.

The legacy began in 1919 when Dr. Gibbons’ late great-grandfather, Dr. Junius Gibbons, opened a dental office in downtown Phoenix. In 1947, his late grandfather, Dr. Junius W. Gibbons
began practicing dentistry in Phoenix.

Today Dr. Gibbons continues the legacy with Healthy Smiles Dental Group, Maricopa office. His father, Dr. Junius N. Gibbons and brother, Dr. Daniel J. Gibbons, practice dentistry locally at the Gibbons Dental office in Gilbert, Arizona.

Comprehensive dental services offered by caring trained and experienced doctors. Nearly all treatment is done in our office. Services include:

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